Charlie Lovato, Age :91

Nov 05,1929---Dec 14,2020

Charlie was born on November 5, 1929 to Andrea Jaramillo Lovato and Carlos Lovato Senior; and according to Charlene, he always insisted that he was born on the 6th   instead of the day before.  He peacefully went to his rest on December 14, 2020.

Charlie grew up in the South Valley, 317 Isleta Blvd close to Bridge Street. He was a Journeyman Plumber for 45 years and did all the plumbing work pro-bono when we built the Rio Grande SDA Church on Iliff NW.

He joined the Army 1951, in the height of the Korean Conflict, however, was fortunate to spend his time stateside in Yuma Arizona.  He was an Army Engineer with the rank of Corporal E-4.

He met up with the women of his life Irene Martinez in 1958; they married on August 16 1959 and were together for 52 years before Aunt Irene’s passing in May of 19, 2012.  Their two children are Charlene Lagrange, and David Lovato; Also Charlie was married previously and had a son Daniel Lovato and a Stepson Leonard Chavez. 

He is preceded in death by his lovely wife Irene, his son Daniel, a brother Faustino Lovato, and sisters Eunice Myrick, Julia Ranson and Melinda Armstrong.

He is survived by Charlene, David and longtime girlfriend Cindy Williamson, three grandchildren Laura Lee Lagrange, Joey Lee Lagrange and Daniel Lovato Jr: several nephews and nieces who remember him admirably.

Pall Bearers:  Joey Lagrange, Laura Lagrange, Rodney Cardona, Pablo Serna, Leonard Chavez, and Archie Martinez.

About the Man 

Gray Willis Jeep

His practical common sense


Treasure Hunting - Uncle Charlie  had a fascination of finding lost treasure or a lost mine. He shared with me numerous stories, while out fishing together. We talked about gold located everywhere over New Mexico.; The richest, of course was always somewhere out in the desert, or within almost inaccessible mountains, and difficult to reach places due to Indians that apparently guarded the treasures. Of course, most of these tales were merely inventions and/or ambitions, however as a youngster, I absorbed all of the stories as if they were real. For Uncle Charlie, the want for discovery transmuted into a reality.  

I remember escavating grandpa Isiah’s basement and finding an old bible, also a time searching the Manzano Mountains for treasure, Then there was Devils Thumb and for sure gold could be found there.  Only trouble is that everywhere we went, be it we fished up north, to the south, east or west, he always pointed to me that mountain called Devils thumb.

But the real treasure was not in his stories, or the fishing excursions. It was in his ideas

A Jewish Philosopher “Moses Ben Maimon” coined a proverb that says:     Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Its meaning is translated in that “It’s better to teach a person how to do something than it is to do for him.”

That is what he taught me, to be ambitious and to dream, to never say that I could not do.

We will miss Uncle Charley and his stories, but most of all his helpful willingness in time of need, and of course his nonsensical humor.  

Arrangements Entrusted to:
Riverside Funeral Home
225 San Mateo Blvd. NE