Douglas Alan Azar, Age :65

Oct 19,1955---Mar 13,2021

Douglas “Doug” Alan Azar, born in Raton, New Mexico, on October 19, 1955, passed away March 13, 2021. He was 65. Doug, a real-life superhero, was one of the last of his kind. His superpowers included: a booming, earth-rattling laugh capable of providing joy and a sense of security to all in its path; super strength, the ability to take on any suffering life threw his way with the utmost grace and courage; and finally, he possessed an unbreakable character, a character woven from a combination of adamantium and vibranium.

Doug’s outlook on life was simple. Brains, like muscles, may be purchased through time and dedication. But what is not for sale is character. As a distinguished attorney and CPA, Doug had the brains. Most often, he was the smartest man in the room. As a brother, father, uncle, and friend, Doug also had an unwavering character, remaining loyal and a beacon of support to those he loved. That said, Doug understood that suffering was an ineradicable part of life. Yet how a man accepts his fate and all the suffering it entails, how he takes up his cross, that is how one’s character is tested. Doug did not lose his battle with cancer. He maintained the ability to dictate how he dealt with the external forces and suffering fate sent his way. Despite dealing with kidney failure, a heart attack, two strokes, and an aggressive stomach cancer, he continued to appreciate the beauty of life, to appreciate all the miracles life had to offer. The ability to remain brave, dignified, and unselfish under the most difficult circumstances is something external forces may never take away.

Alas, Doug is no longer with us. Perhaps a more accurate representation of Doug’s battle with cancer would be Superman (1987): Issue # 75, THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN! In that issue Superman died defending Metropolis from the monster Doomsday, finally slaying the creature with his last ounce of strength. Doug, like Superman, remained a hero to the end. He remained brave, dignified, and courageous up until his very last breath.

Doug was predeceased by his mother, Patricia Azar, his father, Richard Azar, his brother Richard H. Azar, and his sister Polly Azar. Doug is survived by his beloved sister, Gail Porter, his son, Richard Ryan Azar, his two daughters, Alexandra Webb and Lila Azar, his nephew Adam Douglas Azar, and his three nieces, Patricia Farr, Michelle Gipe, and Rebecca Snyder.

A mass for immediate family to attend will be held on March 25, 2021. Following mass, a ceremony/celebration of life will be held via Zoom for all to attend. Please email Richard Ryan Azar at: to be added to the email list for the Zoom call. The call will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and a link will be provided to the email list as well.


Arrangements Entrusted to:

Riverside Funeral Home- Los Lunas

820 Main Street NE, Los Lunas, NM 87031



Gary Mar 17 ,2021

Brother ,Socorro ,New Mexico

Once upon a time.

William Marchiondo Mar 17 ,2021

Loyal friend ,Albuguerque ,New Mexico

The world will be a darker place without you my brother.

Cathie Rutin Mar 18 ,2021

Friend ,Albuquerque ,New Mexico

I’m so sorry for your loss. Doug was a wonderful person. Your family will remain in my prayers.

Stuart Ryan Jaramillo Mar 18 ,2021

Brother ,Albuquerque ,New Mexico

He was the best friend anybody could ask for. I loved him as a brother and will never forget the absolute joy he brought to me every time we met up. A real man of ManTown!! I love you bro! StuJ

Kathleen Samuel Mar 18 ,2021

I was his girlfriend of almost 3 years ,Los Lunas ,New Mexico

Ryan, Alex, Lila, Gail, Adam, I am truly sorry for the loss each one of you have experienced. Doug was a loving and caring, gentle man. He was determined to go through this stoically, dignified and brave. He prayed daily and often told me, " Kathleen, I am good with God", "so whatever happens from here, happens." I am ready if he decides to take me today." Until then I have chose treatment for this cancer so that my children would know I never gave up, because I want to be here for them as long as God allows. I want to set an example so they would see how hard I tried for them." He told me how much he loved me and explained his need to have this time for his kids. I respected his wish, knowing he needed this. It was so nice to talk with him and hear his voice during his recent hospital stay at Rust. He said "Kathleen, once I am home and I'm able to have you over to visit me, I will let you know". Well, sadly time ran out. I have my memories and the love we shared, the fun we had and all the laughter we shared. I'll always remember out 7 day trip to Oregon. We had such a nice time. I will always treasure the window of time we had together and the love & laughter that somehow seemed to help us overcome many obstacles. We had a special friendship and a mutual love. He told me on a few occasions he loved me like he had never loved any other. Those are words I will NEVER forget. No one can take that from me. Ryan, Alex, Lila and Adam & Gail. I am sorry for the way things were and wish I could have grown to know each one of you in a healthy happy way without judgement or interference. Your Father often told me his greatest wish for his kids to accept me and grow to know the real me. I am deeply sorry for your loss and the loss of this bright light in your life. He was a brilliant and loving man. He had such a gentleness with me. He understood me and loved me enough to try and let go, knowing what the road ahead held for him. It took a lot of inner strength for him to say those words to me. He loved me so letting go, knowing his fate, was very painful for him. One night when I was visiting him, we cried together. He told me "Kathleen, I will take only the good memories with me when I go". May he rest in peace. I know for sure he is with God. This I have NO Doubt. My sincere condolences to each one of you. Kathleen

Marianne Molina Mar 18 ,2021

Friend/client ,Albuq ,New Mexico

To Doug’s family, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Doug and I have been friends since 1994 and I could depend on Doug for anything at any time. I knew PolIy as well. I called Doug my “Great Protecter” I will miss him very much. God Bless 🙏🏼

Kenneth Iacobelli Mar 19 ,2021

friend ,Palm Springs ,California

My deepest heartfelt condolences for your family at this immense time of sadness. Doug was a true gem, the kindest most caring person I've had the honor of knowing. I grew up with Doug and his sister Polly. They will forever be remembered in my prayers and my thoughts. May God bless all of you.

Sheila Hofer Mar 19 ,2021

Friend ,Spokane Valley ,Washington

I'm so very sorry for the Lose of your Father.and his friend's,I'm so sorry for his Long battle with Cancer.He fought hard.I'm sure he was tired.May he Rest in Peace now.He is with God now.Sincerly, Sheila Hofer

GUS SERRANO Mar 25 ,2021

CO-Godparent ,ALBUQUERQUE ,New Mexico

Honored to have known this great man, and lucky enough to share Godparent responsibilities with him to our Godson, Clay Azar. He definately held up his end, being the greatest role model and mentor, to say the least. He truly was a "SUPER-man"!!! I will pray forever for the family. Fly high with the Angels Doug!! You will be missed by many. -Gus Serrano