Common Questions

We strongly encourage you to Pre-Plan and here are the reasons and benefits:

Your Family - Without a doubt,the most important reason for making arrangements in advance is to spare your family the financial responsibility of doing so. This certainly reduces the stress for family and friends at an already emotional time.
Saves You Money - Funding your arrangements in advance through National Guardian Life insurance policy secures the cost at today's prices and guarantees that those costs for services and memorial products will never increase.
Let's Your Wishes Be Known - You may have specific wishes as to how you want to be memorialized. Advance planning will allow you to let your wishes be known for the type of funeral or cremation arrangement you want and will lift the burden of those difficult decisions from your family.
Fully Transferable Insurance Policy - Should you move out of the area,your funeral insurance policy is fully transferable to a funeral home of your choice in another city,state or country. We all want to think that there is plenty of time to prepare. But like any future need,being well educated will provide you with the insight to make good decisions without undue stress and un-wanted spending. The benefits are significant but the peace-of-mind you will have is priceless.
Yes,and we encourage you to do so. When you choose to pre-fund your arrangement,we place your funds in a top- rated insurance company until needed. This policy guarantees that you will never pay any more for the products and services you select. And,when you pre-fund your arrangements,by law,the services you choose can never be altered by anyone other than yourself.
Yes,and we encourage you to do so. It's as simple as contacting us and we will take care of the paperwork. With our affordable prices,your family will be refunded the savings you have coming from the overpriced pre arrangement you purchased at the other funeral. Just because you purchased a pre arrangement with another funeral home DOES NOT mean you have to keep it at the same funeral home. Contact us today and we will show you the savings your family would receive.
Your first step is to call us at 800-956-9995,where we are available 7 days a week,24 hours a day. Your phone call to us will begin the process of helping you and your family. Our staff will coordinate all the necessary details to bring your loved one into our care. Arrangements can be made via fax,email and over the phone. You can rest assure that your loved one will be in our care until you return.
We are here to coordinate all of the arrangements necessary to return your loved one home. You only need to call us,anytime day or night to handle the details and care for your loved one.
Your first step is to call us at (505) 764-9663,where we are available 7 days a week,24 hours a day. Your phone call to us will begin the process of helping you and your family. We can also schedule your appointment for the next day or on the weekend.
If the death occurs at the residence,the transfer of your loved one into our care should take place as soon as possible. However,we certainly understand if you require additional time alone with your loved one. Therefore,our arrival will be at your request. If the death occurs at the hospital,the hospital staff will contact us to transfer your loved one into our care.
The Medical Examiner's office will become involved if the death occurs at home and your loved one has not been seen by a physician within 20 days,or if the death was due to a homicide,suicide,accident or is suspicious or unexplained. Depending on the circumstances,the medical investigator may release your loved one into our care from your home without the need for autopsy. However if the medical investigator's office determines the need to perform an autopsy we will bring your loved one into our care from the medical investigator's office within usually 2 to 4 business days. In order to bring your loved one into our care,the Office of the Medical Investigator requires a signed release from the next of kin. The phone number for the Office of the Medical Investigator is (505) 272-3053.
Hospice plays an important role in the care of those who are facing end of life. Most patients receive this care at home with the hospice staff visiting them regularly. At the time of death,the Hospice volunteer or staff member and/or family members are instructed to call the hospice (instead of 911). A nurse will come to support the family and make the necessary calls to notify the physician,the Medical Examiners office if required and Riverside Funeral Home.
The purpose of embalming is to disinfect and preserve a body for a limited time. Embalming also enhances the appearance of a body disfigured by traumatic death or illness. Embalming would be necessary under the following circumstances:If there is to be a public or private open casket viewing. At Riverside Funeral Home,if you prefer your loved one to be dressed,and the casket is opened,we require embalming. If your loved one is to be transported across state lines,then embalming is necessary. There are also some occasions when the Medical Investigators office will embalm a body for investigative reasons.
It is common that services be planned 5 to 7 days after the death has occurred. It's not uncommon for families to decide to wait 10 days for their services,while their friends and family come from out of town. However,should there be religious or personal reasons for the service to occur sooner,we can certainly help you in providing a ceremony in a shorter time frame. This is a one-time event that,when done with care,will bring peace of mind and healing to you,your family and friends.
Our funeral directors will want to learn more the about your loved one's life experiences,their family and friends,as well as hobbies,religious or military affiliations,and service organizations they may have belonged. They will also advise,support and implement all of the choices made by the family. This would include any needed transportation, necessary legal paperwork for the burial or cremation,memorial products and aftercare resources. Our highly trained funeral service professionals are able to help you create a service designed to honor and pay tribute to your loved one. Our years of experience,coupled with our perspective on the importance of ceremony,will help you discover the value of your service,both now and in the future.
Funeral Directors are caring individuals who help people deal with a very stressful time. They serve the same families 80% of the time,and many have spent most of their lives in the same community. If they took advantage of bereaved families,they could not stay in business. Funeral Directors look upon their profession as a service.
A funeral is a ceremony within a community for celebrating,sanctifying or remembering the life of a person who has died. Funeral customs can vary based on the beliefs and practices used by your loved one's culture or faith tradition. There are reasons that we come together as a community. We celebrate many special occasions:birthdays, graduations,weddings,and anniversaries. It's equally important that we come together in our greatest time of need? Psychologists and grief counselors agree that funerals can be a healing experience. There are many ceremonial ways to honor your loved one and your service can be as elaborate or simple as you wish.
Funerals also provide a meaningful opportunity to receive the gift of memories that others have shared with the person who has died. Many families are pleasantly surprised as they listen to stories they had never heard before about their loved one. Being surrounded by family and friends and learning how their lives were touched can bring your family great comfort.
There are two important things to reflect upon. The first has to do with the ceremony itself,and the second with either burial or cremation. We invite you to speak with one of our funeral service professionals anytime. Please call (505) 764-9663 to answer any of your questions or explore your funeral and memorial options.
Your funeral service can be as distinct as your loved ones life. You may want a traditional funeral service,or a ceremony that is unique or simple.
That's where we come in - our funeral directors will provide their expertise to help you create a memorable experience by getting to know your loved one's life story. We will present you with options and help you design the service of your choice. This can include the location,order of the service,clergy or officiant,obituaries,musicians, poems and or prayers,dove release or a veteran honor guard. The possibilities are endless.
We're here to shepherd you through the process with the decisions that will meet your needs now,and in the future. These decisions can have an impact on your family and friends for a long time;so doing the right thing now can make all the difference in your peace-of-mind through the coming years. Contact us today,we are here to serve you.
It is our firm belief that children should be a part of any services conducted for your loved one. Offering your child choices is the best thing a parent can do. Depending on the child's age,give them the opportunity to choose whether to attend or participate. Give clear explanations of what they will experience during the funeral or memorial service,as well as what will happen after.
If a young child will be attending a funeral service,it may be helpful to bring along a neighbor or someone they are close to who can care for them during the service should they get restless.
Absolutely! In fact,we recommend it. After all,the service not only mourns the loss,but also celebrates the life. There are many ways to personalize a service and we want to make sure that the service you select is as unique as the life lived. You are able to customize a ceremony that will honor your loved one. Our Funeral Service Professionals are available to discuss all options and ensure that your service is tailored to your wishes.
A visitation or public viewing is an important part of the grief process. It allows private family time with your loved one as well as offering friends and family an opportunity to say goodbye. Many grief specialists believe that viewing supports the grief process by helping the bereaved recognize the reality of death. It is also part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Viewing is even encouraged for children,as long as it is their desire to do so,and that the process is explained well before hand. Our highly trained staff will provide the highest quality preparation to allow this to be a distinct part of your ceremony.
Yes,of course. Many cultural and religious traditions take part in dressing and preparing their loved one for burial. Should you want to take part in styling your loved ones hair and/or applying any cosmetics,please talk with your funeral director for an explanation on all of the details.
Yes. Cremation does not preclude having a visitation and/or funeral service. Cremation is simply one option for final disposition of the body.
Most funeral homes,mortuaries and cremation providers do not own their own crematory. They will out-source their cremations to a third party provider. Since 2010,Riverside Funeral Home has operated their own,on-site,crematory at our Albuquerque location.
NEVER. Not only is it illegal to do so but our most modern,state of the art cremation unit are not of sufficient size to accommodate more than one adult. Thus it would be a practical impossibility to conduct multiple cremations simultaneously.
Your funeral director will help to explain the various ways of disposition.

  • Placement in a columbarium or mausoleum
  • Burial in a plot in a cemetery
  • Scattering in areas of the state where no local prohibition exists and with written permission of the property owner or governing agency. The cremated remains must be removed from the container and scattered in a manner so they are not distinguishable to the public.
  • Scatter in a cemetery scattering garden
  • You may scatter at sea as long as it is at least 500 yards from shore.
We recommend that services be planned 5 to 7 days after the death has occurred. It's not uncommon for families to decide to wait 10 days for their services,while their friends and family come from out of town. However,should there be religious or personal reasons for the service to occur sooner,we can certainly help you in providing a ceremony in a shorter time frame. This is a one-time event that,when done with care,will bring peace of mind and healing to you,your family and friends.
There is no requirement to purchase your casket through a mortuary. However,we believe that when you select your casket from Riverside Funeral Home,you will see the following overall benefits.

  • Value and Selection - We have access to hundreds of caskets from a variety of the best casket manufacturers for you to make your selection. We have aligned ourselves with the manufacturers whom we feel provide the best quality,service and value. Our funeral directors are trained to walk you through the process to understand your needs. Whether your preference is for a casket that has a special feature, color,material or price,our funeral directors will present you with options that will suit your needs without having to deal with a third party.
  • Convenience - We manage the ordering and receiving of all caskets from quality casket providers to ensure the casket is delivered on time. If there is an issue with the casket when it is delivered,Riverside Funeral Home will deal directly with the manufacturer to rectify the issue. If you do elect to purchase a casket from a third party,you will be required to contact the third party provider directly in the event there the problem since you contracted directly with them.
  • Savings and Guarantees - Purchasing your memorial products from Riverside Funeral Home will help you save time and money.
  • Trust - The casket purchase is an extension and integral part of the overall service you receive. By letting Riverside Funeral Home handle all of your service and memorial products needs,you will have peace of mind knowing that there is one trusted advisor to shepherd you through all the arrangement details.
Yes,absolutely. We specialize in the care and handling of shipping your loved one to another state or country,we have access to quality mortuary resources across the nation as well as around the world. We can assure you that all of your arrangements will be as you planned.
Yes. With an honorable discharge from the Military every Veteran is entitled to burial in a National Cemetery,a military marker,a US flag and an Honor Guard,at no cost to the family. If the death occurs in a VA Hospital or if the veteran is receiving a VA pension,certain additional monies may be available. If burial is in a National Cemetery,a grave can be reserved for a surviving spouse or any dependent children.
It is helpful to friends and the community to have an obituary notice published announcing the death and the type of service to be held. We can help you by placing an obituary in newspapers,locally,nationally or internationally and on our website. Most newspapers charge a fee for this service. We offer all of our families an online obituary on our website at no cost.
We will provide information directly to Social Security through the State of New Mexico Electronic Death Registration System However,family members still have the legal responsibility to notify Social Security of the death. You may contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213.
Yes,Riverside Funeral Home works with a third party vendor who will set up the death claim,gather the necessary documents,and verify that the policy is in force and assignable. Usually within 24 to 48 hours Express Funeral Funding will receive the verification needed and will then pay Riverside Funeral Home for the cost of the services. There is a 3.5% or $100,whichever is greater service fee added to the cost of your services to utilize the third party vendor to pay for the services.
Once you have scheduled an appointment to meet with one of our Funeral Directors,here is some basic information you will want to gather for our meeting:

  • Copy of any pre-arrangment plans that have been made
  • Discharge Papers (Form DD214 - Honorable Discharge) and service record if involved in military
  • Cemetery property information if applicable
  • Clothing,including undergarments
  • Social Security number
  • Mother's last name including maiden name
  • Father's name
  • Last school grade or highest degree completed
  • Legal address
  • Occupation - jot that they worked in most during their life
  • Method of payment