Frances J Peckumn

Frances J Peckumn
Frances’ Sunrise began Monday May 13, 1935 with her sunset Thursday January 13,2022.

Given the beautiful sunsets here in New Mexico, It is an appropriate analogy for her passing from this 
life to the next.

Each person in her life knew her from a different perspective:

Pam Peckumn knew her as the first born, and eldest, along with being her first daughter.

Dale Peckumn, knew her as son.

Lauire Peckumn knew her as daughter-in-law.

Sarah Bake knew her as the middle daughter.

Betty Peckumn-Moore knew her as youngest child and daughter.

David Bake, Damian Justesen, Brandon Peckumn, Fidelia Peckumn, Rachel Chavez: all knew her as grandmother.

Joanne Miller and Janet Ward knew her as Aunt.

The nieces and nephews of the Peckumn side: Donna,Kay,Yvonne, Danny knew her as Aunt.

Many great-grandchildren knew her as great grandma.

Her many friends knew her as a friend.

There are so many people who knew Frances --- Forgive any omission.

There were so many facets to Frances.

She served God how she believed that God wanted her to serve. It may not have been flawless; it was 
perfect according to God’s definition, which is suitable for the use He created her for.

As in a cup that has a blemish, it is still a cup for a drink and that is its purpose. As it is with the cup, so as it is with all of us.

We would all do well to remember that fact. We do not have to be perfect according to man’s 
perspective but according to God’s definition --- which is suitable for the purpose created for. Each and all of us have a unique purpose.

Frances knew who she belonged to and where she was going after passing from this life. Frances joins her husband, Dale Peckumn Sr, her dad - Preston Pryor and her mom - Lillie Mae Pryor her sister Genie Ward, her son Lee Allen Peckumn , her Son-in-law – Keith Moore in God’s presence. She also joins her many friends that have gone on before her.

The greatest gift of remembrance that we who are left can give Frances is to celebrate her life and allow ourselves the time to heal/remember her. Continuing to move forward, in a world where Frances is no longer present, will be difficult but not impossible. God will provide peace and strength and most of all comfort.

I know that this is what Frances would want for those who knew her.