Linn Cass

Obituary of Linn Cass

Linn, as she was known by most, passed away suddenly on January 29th, 2023 at the age of 59 years old.  Daughter to Kenneth and Esther (St John) Burwell, sister to Robin (of Gravette Arkansas) and her brother Ray Burwell and his wife Michelle (of Pea Ridge Arkansas), she was born in Miami, Oklahoma.
  Her early days were spent singing in the choir, playing the piano in church and often times beating up her baby brother for fun.  At the age of seventeen she married and moved to California where she spent the next several years planning to be a mother and homemaker.  Unfortunately, she was never able to have children of her own, suffering multiple miscarriages.  So, she became lovingly known as "Aunt Nett" to nieces and nephews.  She moved back to Oklahoma in the mid 1980's and in the small town of Miami (or, as she not so affectionately called it "Mudville") she began a career as a hair stylist.  Soon that career began to shape exactly who she was to anyone outside of her immediate family, and she knew her calling in life had arrived. 
Linn worked for several years in the Northeast Oklahoma area before moving with her then husband, Keith, to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Keith had an adopted son and she took him to be as her own child.  Shawn Cass, she loved you very deeply.  Shawn provided her with two grandchildren over the years, and Grandma Linn was added to her resume'.  She adored Alexis and Dom.  
In 1994, Salon Soteria' was born.  More than anything, this salon became who Linn was.  She would spend countless hours at the salon, styling and coloring hair.  She began teaching coloring classes for Schwarzkopf, often traveling all over the country teaching students how to color hair.  As many of her clients (some of 25-30 years) would attest, her attention to detail for hair color was second to none.  She had notes from clients dating all the way back to 1988, noting specifics to their hair, when they changed and copious writings about their family and friends.  For several families, she provided hair services for husband, wife, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Multiple clients mention her as their stylist for weddings and family affairs as well.  
Soteria', as she later shortened it to, was far reaching in and of itself.  As she came to know Christ in a very personal way, she chose Soteria' for the biblical meaning: freedom from both physical danger and the effects of sin.  To know her would be to understand, this was the thought process of her life.  To speak with Linn over the last three decades for longer than a minute, you had better be prepared to hear about Jesus and how he would take care of her.  Those that know her best can all nod in agreement now.
She had a love of animals that was shared with my father and I.  From her cat long ago (Raphael), to her German Shepherd she never quite got over losing (Mateo), to caring for Tebow, my father's dog when he passed.  When she would visit, our animals all loved her and she loved them right back.  She was broken hearted when our mother passed away, devastated when we lost our father.
This is not a typical obituary, as I am writing it personally about my sister.  She was Nett to me.  I'd love to tell you a lot of the stories about her life and the fullness thereof.  To do so would also have to include telling some stories that are at times difficult to talk about.  I think that's okay, because she wouldn't want me to hide from her life.  It was hers to live and that she did.  I'll talk about them and share her story.
I miss you Nett.  I love you always.
Ray B