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"The dedicated and profession staff at Riverside Funeral Home of Santa Fe make this difficult process as worry free as possible and treated us like family from the first call. Their attention to detail and compassion 2 years ago when my Grandmother passed was second to none and why we immediately called them when my Grandfather passed recently. Thank you Chris, Felicia and staff for all you do!"


"The staff at Riverside Funeral Home in Santa Fe was very caring from the moment I walked in the door. Very helpful, no pressure I made all the decisions. Christy Cantu thank you for making this an easy process when I thought it would be a difficult one. Thank you Felicia Trujillo for your kindness during this difficult time that my family is going through. And thank your mother for her advice. I am so grateful and pleased with the care and support that our family is receiving from Riverside Funeral Home in Santa Fe. Thank you and God Bless."


"We were treated kindly, respectively. All information was given completely and questions answered, and they made sure the answer was comprehended. It didn't feel like a "sale" it felt like a discussion."


"I had the best experience with Riverside Funeral Home of Santa Fe. Their staff is very caring and understanding. I’m very pleased with how very compassionate they were. The services turned out beautiful. Thank you Riverside."


"The staff at Riverside of Santa Fe is amazing and very caring. I felt like they were part of my family and made my Aunt look amazing and younger! So glad they are here in Santa Fe because the other funeral Homes here have been charging way too much for way too long!! Thank you Chris, Felicia and the rest of the staff!!"


"Very courteous, very professional , we were happy with all manners, thank you."


"My brother passed away suddenly and it’s been an extremely difficult time. We had no idea what to expect, but Amanda made everything so easy and smooth. She’s simply amazing! She explained as much or as little as we wanted. She would reexplain as needed as well, which was a lot. She never once seemed annoyed, 100% genuine. She was so patient, kind, and compassionate with my family and myself. She even managed to make us laugh. Though the circumstances were grim, we are so fortunate to have had Amanda there to guide us through. My brother would’ve just loved her."


"When my dad died unexpectedly I had no idea what to do. The hospital had no place to keep him. Thankfully I found Riverside. They came and picked him up in Taos very quickly. I never even had to drive out of town to their location. Everything was taken care of by email. The staff was INCREDIBLE. They were very caring, knowledgeable, and professional. They treated me like family. They took care of everything. They even notified social security. I now have left instructions for my children to call Riverside in the event of my untimely death because I know they will make that extremely difficult time, as stress free and easy as possible for my children."


"The staff at the Riverside Funeral Home in Santa Fe were very nice and very helpful to me and my family. This was the 2nd time I have used their services. Felicia and Paul are very kind hearted people. I would recommend their services for your funeral needs. I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you to your Staff and God Bless you all."


"Friendly staff excellent service and their prices were a third of the other funeral facilities in Santa Fe thank you so much for your help at our time of need."


"The staff of Riverside Funeral Home in Santa Fe did an amazing job. They helped my family through our difficult time when we lost our loved one. They were so nice, respectful, awesome and very helpful in any and all decisions we were making. They didn’t pressure you into buying unnecessary things like other funeral homes would. They treated us like we were family when we walked through those doors! We thank Chris, Felicia and Staff for your awesome service! I would definitely choose this funeral home! -The Chavez & Padilla Family"


"Felicia Trujillo at the Santa Fe location was so compassionate and understanding during my heartbreaking time of making the cremation arrangements for my dear dog that passed the same morning. It was the first time I ever had to make such arrangements. By the time I picked up the cremains later that week, she made me feel like family. I was especially touched when was there to receive my furry baby she loved on her as if she was her own❣️I would definitely entrust Felicia with any of my future final planning needs."


"The staff at Riverside was professional, caring, and responsive throughout their service to me and my family following the death of my husband. Owners Chris and Felicia Trujillo were available whenever needed, including answering the phone late at night. I recommend them highly."


"Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when our family was out of state. Riverside Funeral Home of Santa Fe staff was so helpful during this stressful time. They were very caring and answered all of our questions. We called them so many times and never once we’re they irritated or unkind. I would recommend them for your funeral or cremation services."


"We met with Anna Ivey when we came in for cremation arrangements for my brother. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a warm and kind welcome and were assisted immediately. Thereafter, we met with Ms. Ivey who craftfully assisted us and helped us through the process in a thorough and efficient manner. Best of all, her kind, patient and consoling demeanor made this obviously difficult process a manageable one. We appreciate her expertise as well as her wonderful interpersonal skills. We are thankful that she was there and felt the need to recognize her excellent work. Thank you so very much."